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The main goal of this project is to develop and prepare for implementation a new and innovative method of exploratory geology called Neutrino Geology (NG) by late 2022. This will be applicable to the exploration of energy resources (crude oil or natural gas) and a large part of raw materials critical  to the economy, e.g. rare-earth elements or IOCG deposits (iron oxides, copper, gold).

Possibility of ground-breaking efficiency gains in
geological exploration thanks to Neutrino Geology

Neutrino Geology will dramatically reduce the time and cost of geological exploration. The technology of Neutrino Geology can cut down the number of required drillings several times, which can dramatically reduce the time and costs of geological exploration.

Contemporary "reconnaissance geology" uses the knowledge of geological profiles based on seismic maps, possibly enriched with the results of gravity and magnetic studies. On this basis, drilling points are determined on a probabilistic basis.

The probability that a given borehole is productive is estimated at a few percent in known geological domains, but it is much lower, around 0.5%, in "new territories." However, even if the existence of a promising domain is confirmed, mining planning requires often performing from several dozen to several hundred costly drillings.

The use of Neutrino Geology may be of particular importance in areas where drilling is particularly expensive or impossible to be widely used for ecological reasons (Arctic, Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland, sea and ocean bottoms, areas under special ecological protection).

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